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Precision Auto Wash

Proudly serving Chillicothe, Illinois, Precision Auto Wash features Hydro-Spray Rainmaker Automatics as well as deluxe self-service bays. We have Super Turbo Dryers to remove the water from the surface of your car as you exit.

In addition, we offer vacuums, carpet shampoo, scent machine, floor mat cleaner and a wide selection of car care vending products.

Precision Auto Wash is open 24x7.

Our attendants are on duty from Mon-Fri 9am-11am, Sat-Sun 8am - noon.

Self Serve Car Wash
  • Self Service Car Wash
  • What makes our Self Serve Bays different?
  • Foaming brushes
  • Super Green Tire Cleaner
  • Turbo Vacuums
  • Our Self Serve Car Wash
Automatic Car Wash
  • Automatic Car Wash
  • What makes our Automatic Bays different?
  • Undercarriage Blaster
  • Rotating Wand
  • Super Turbo Dryers
  • Our Automatic Car Wash


Merretta Trimmer

"It's a good wash and the attendant comes out and washes the bugs off the front of my car."

- Merretta Trimmer
Teresa Gusman

"I like the turbo dryer, it's easy and I don't have to get out of the car!"

- Teresa Gusman
Hines Hillion

"It's a good wash, a clean wash . . . and it's easy on the finish of my car."

- Hines Hillion

Go Ahead . . . buy tokens and save $$!

Save every day, can be used 24 hours a day, make great gifts for friends and family, you can purchase tokens from our friendly attendants and can be used for the automatic washes!

we accept credit cards
Now accepting credit cards